Stamped Concrete

Our decorative, stamped curbing is on the cutting edge of landscape design. Concrete curbing is a professionally installed, permanent, attractive concrete border edging that provides great additions and solutions to any landscape and serves as a weed and grass barrier by outlining flower beds. Pacific Curbing decorative concrete curbing can be installed around trees, flowerbeds, sidewalks and just about anywhere you like. Our curbing comes in multiple shapes, colors, stamp patterns, and textures; including brick, stone, and slate – and will create customized profiles and impressions upon request.

 Affordable Benefits

Concrete curbing can enhance your landscape, it is the half of price of bricks and is a permanent solution, increases curb appeal, and decreases the time spent trimming around landscape beds and increase your property value.

Free Estimate

A Builder Jones sales consultant will meet with you on site and go through what your visions are, also he can help you determine which will match you landscaping needs best. You will have an estimate and some practical solutions for your project.

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