Builder Jones LLC has been a well-respected home builder in the Twin Cities area since our inception in 2014, specializing in Home Builder, Custom Homes and General Contractor. We believe in honesty, open communication, reliability and impeccable customer service. We also take pride in timeliness and managing every project we undertake in a cost-effective way so that we can complete every job on time and on budget.

We provide home building, custom homes, and general contracting in both the government and private sectors in the Twin Cities area, handling everything from simple home improvement projects to commercial building construction. Our biggest assets are our talented, educated, highly experienced staff, and our dedicated, hardworking, safety conscious sub-contractors. Anyone that walks on any of our work sites exhibits the height of professionalism at all times. When you hire us, you’re also gaining peace of mind.

We may not be the biggest home builder or the most expensive contractor in the Twin Cities area, but we are simply the best. If you have any type of construction project, we’ll consult with you, find your unique needs, and see if we can devise a solution to fit your desires and your budget.

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